Evolutionary Computation and Cryptology

Evolutionary computation algorithms represent a range of problem-solving techniques based on principles of biological evolution, like natural selection and genetic inheritance. Such algorithms can be used to solve a variety of difficult problems, among which are those from the area of cryptography. Examples of such an approach include the evolving hash functions or creation of a new block cipher. First results in this area have emerged over 30 years ago, and in recent years there has been an increased interest in this area. Still, some problems like problem formulation and representation remain open.
This project deals with various applications of optimization and learning with evolutionary computation in cryptography. The project is fully funded by the Croatian science foundation under the contract IP-2014-09-4882.

Evolutionary Computation Framework

ECF is a C++ framework intended for application of any type of evolutionary computation.

EvoCrypt working tool

SVN trunk with evolution of Boolean functions and S-boxes.

Applications of Evolutionary Computation

Scheduling / Optimization / Cryptography / Machine learning



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